The Hafkenscheid family (Hafke = Habicht = havik = hawk, Scheid = Flurgrenze = borderline between estates) has taken its name from the former Havkenscheid castle in the hamlet of the same name near Bochum, Westphalia.

In 1340, vassal of this castle is Deitrich von Havekenscede, ancestor of a family that has held it in fee until the seventeenth century. There are several indications that my family is connected to this family.

The ancestors of my family came to Ulft, the Netherlands, under remarkable protection of the Hohenzollern-Sigmaringen family, to which the Count of Bergh belonged. Joannes Fredericus Hafkenscheid, the oldest ancestor in my family file, was employed by the Count of Bergh and was made viscount of the House of Ulft in 1691.